Building Blocks – Improvement Grant 2023


Building Blocks – Improvement Grant

The purpose of the Building Blocks – Improvement Grant is to improve the energy efficiency standards of facilities and to support the continuous improvement of the physical environment in services. The programme supports the Government’s ambitions as laid out in the National Development Plan.

The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) has allocated a budget of €10m for the Building Blocks – Improvement Grant, split between two strands. A minimum of €35,000 and a maximum of €75,000 will be awarded.

Strand A – Green/Energy: For costs associated with improving the energy efficiency of a building.

Strand B – Retrofit: For costs associated with retrofit and accessibility of an existing building.

Services may apply for either Strand A or Strand B. The application form will open and close on the same dates for Strand A and Strand B.

You can download the document for more information.