The Energy Efficiency Grant

 Energy – Local Enterprise Office

The grant is for capital costs to implement the recommendations of the Green for Micro report,  GreenStart report or recent energy audit by a SEAI. 50% of the costs up to a max of €5,000.

Eligible costs for the grant are as follows:

  • Meters (electricity, gas, diesel, oil, water, steam & loggers) and installation costs
  • Smart energy controls e.g., heating, cooling, lighting, automatic on/off systems, parasitic load controls
  • Upgrade lighting to LED (only as part of a package of eligible cost measures)
  • Replacement/upgrade with more energy efficient system, e.g. Heat Pumps (including air, water, and ground source) for manufacturing heating processes
  • Heat recovery
  • Small wind & hydro subject to feasibility assessment
  • Equipment (>10 years) replacement/upgrade such as refrigeration unit, electric steam boiler, electric oven, industrial dishwasher, engineering equipment
  • System components upgrades such as variable speed drives, pumps, fans, condensers, extraction systems, cold room doors