Heritage Week 2022 in St. Tola's Goats Cheese Farm

Always meet your heroes! Paul Cotter and Tom Barry are 2 of mine. Paul Cotter is 7 times All Ireland champion scytheman and Tom Barry a fountain of knowledge of old but still very useful gardening practices. We had Cuimhneamh An Chláir visit the older people’s group in Inagh a few months back and hatched a plan to have a heritage event centered around farming. It was, so lovely having them gather from all, around the parish and beyond on our family farm in St. Tola Irish Goat Cheese shed to listen to these fountains of knowledge. The goats nibbled on fresh grass, quietly almost as if they new these men deserved to be listened to. Our past helps us know where we are in the present and helps us move to a brighter future. A truly inspiring event. Older people are like pod casts except they are live so, waaay better! Well done to all, who organised events for heritage week.