Historic Structures Fund

*deadline is normally in late January. Apply directly to Clare County Council Conservation section. All local authorities can apply for funding for specific projects (max 10 projects per LA) under four separate streams of funding currently ranging between €5,000 and €200,000. Grant funding can cover up to max of 80% of eligible costs. In the base of a private building owner, Stream 1 would be considered the most appropriate.

Who can apply:

  • Protected Structures: Structures in the Record of Protected Structures (RPS) of each Local Authority
  • Structures eligible for or proposed for inclusion in the RPS but not yet formally approved for inclusion. Such structures must meet the criteria for inclusion in the RPS by the Local Authority, i.e. must be of special interest from an architectural, historical, archaeological, artistic, cultural, scientific, social or technical point of view;
  • Structures or works within Architectural Conservation Areas (ACAs), or within the amenity of a National Monument, where exceptional circumstances apply.

Works Funded: The Historic Structures Fund enables larger scale conservation works to be carried out on significant historic structures in need of urgent support; The Historic Structures Fund had four Streams in 2023:

  • Stream 1 offers grants from €15,000 up to €50,000 and is aimed at essential repairs and smaller capital works for the refurbishment and conservation of heritage structures.
  • Stream 1, Historic Shopfronts sub-stream offers grants from €15,000 up to €50,000 for essential repairs and small capital works for the refurbishment and conservation of historic shop facades, windows, signage and other associated details. Irish language shopfronts are also invited to apply for funding under this scheme for 2023
  • Stream 2 offers a small number of grants from €50,000 up to €200,000 for larger enhancement, refurbishment or reuse projects involving heritage structures, where a clear community or public benefit has been demonstrated.
  • Vernacular Structures Stream offers support for conservation repairs and small capital works to vernacular structures that are not listed in local authority Records of Protected Structures or otherwise legally protected. Grants will be between €5,000 and €10,000 for eligible projects.