Transport Grants

Public Electric Vehicle Charge points

When it comes to Public EV Charge Points there are two possibilities through Clare Co Council:

  1. The Public Charge Point Scheme provides local authorities with a grant of up to €5,000 to support the development of on-street public chargers.
  2. Strand 1 of the first phase of the Community Climate Action Programme – Strand 1 – Action: Building Low Carbon Communities – €24 million is being provided to local authorities to support communities to build low carbon communities in a considered and structured way. EV Charge points is one of the things supported by this scheme. This strand is not open yet but the information will be found here when it is – Climate Action Fund (

As both of these possibilities are rolled out through the Local Authority you could contact the Rural and Community Development Officer for your area to help you find funding for public charge points in one way or another

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Cycle to work Scheme

Cycle to work Scheme:

Key points:

    1. – €1500 for e-bike, €1250 for any other kind of bike
    2. – Employer buys the bike, then deducts the cost of the bike (either all at once or in installments, max 12 months) before tax. 
    3. – Can apply every four years
    4. – The amount you save depends on how much income tax/USC/PRSI you pay.